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The project is collectively curated across two public venues: Elbphilharmonie Media wall and Media Art Nexus NTU Media wall. Both screens are non-commercial and are valued community assets that play a pivotal role in providing a platform for creativity and engagement. The artworks will be connecting two cities and their citizens through media localities that cannot be more radically different in both the architecture of the space as well as geographically, culturally, and historically. What ties both venues together is aim to create an inclusive, shared public art spaces where people meet, experience art, and get connected with each other. An intangible art process will connect places and people beyond geographical distances and political borders.


The content is divided into two themes:

for Media Art Nexus.

Passing by


for Elbphilharmonie Media Wall

2018/19 Nanyang Technological University Singapore Institutional Support :

Teh Eng Eng Faith
Director NTU Museum

School of Art, Design and Media:


Peer M. Sathikh
Associate Professor, Associate Chair (Academic)

Muhammad Mustajab Bin Mohamad

Senior Executive, Publicity and Outreach

Lim Pheng Yew

Head, Administration

Lau Kheng Hock

Senior Assistant Manager, Technology & Design

Kumar Chockanathan

Senior Executive, Technology & Design

Poh Zhuang Yu

Assistant Manager, Media

Event Design Branding :

Ivan Yew

Animation/Video Teaser

Tan Kwang Boon (KB)

Web Design /Branding Collaterals

Quek Jia Liang, Longfei Zhang, Alvin Ling

Photography & Videography

Dan Ng and Longfei Zhang

Portraits Photographers

Tate Egon Chavez

Animation/Video Teaser Music

2018/19 Elbphilharmonie Institutional Support:


Julian Conrad

     Britta Voss
Advertising Events & Partnerships


University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department of Art & Design

Institutional Support:


Hilka Jeworrek

Editor in Chief - Online

Content and Social Media Manager


Niclas Spranger
Social Media Assistant


Alf Schütt, Ingolf Rech, Rene Scharton



Olivia Lehmann, Alex Harbich, Marleen Hahn



Robin Aldag

Portraits Photographer
Camera Operator & Video Editor

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