_hamburg, germany 2019

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Jakob Münster

Motion Design & Film Student in the Sixth Semester. I am from Hamburg and interrested mostly in 3D Animations.

Insa Vollert

Motion Design & Film Student

in the Sixth Semester

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Student of Film & Motion Design at the btk Hamburg, currently in the 6th semester. 22 years old. Born in Mexico City and living in Germany since 2007.

Sandy Schmidt

German Film&Motion Design student at BTK Hamburg. 22 years old and currently in the 4th semester.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Laura Gilich

Film and Motion Design student from Hamburg. Before that, she worked as a communication-designer and now combine these skills with 2D and 3D Animations.

Ties Kozok

Ties Kozok is a Film- and Motiondesign student corrently living in the wider area of Hamburg. He started with internships and freelancer jobs in different

agencys and Post Productions in Hamburg and Berlin.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Ninja Annighöfer

Originally from Kiel, currently studying Motion Design in Hamburg and loves to execute creative work with great attention to detail.

Ties Kozok

Born in Paraguay, where he studied Industry Design. Later on he made a postgraduate study in biodesign & mechatronics at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). His dream is to become an Art Director in Motion Design.

Film & Photo Creator based in Hamburg. Always been fascinated about bringing my own thoughts to life with only a camera.

Karl Gieth

Robin Aldag

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Sven Miller

26 Year old film and motion student based in Hamburg. Loves 3D and animations. Loves abstract art and crazy stuff Loves skateboards and games.

Marc Nickel

25 year old film and motion Design Student from Hamburg germany. Interested in 3D animation and Camera work.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Eva Böttcher

Im a 20 years old Motion Design student. I was born in Hamburg and I am really exited to work for Elbphilharmonie

Philipp Quast

I am a Motion Design student from Hamburg, Germany. My main interests are 3D-Modelling and animation.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Jelena Moench

Communication Design student in the 4th semester. First Motion Design project. Most experienced in VR and User Experience Design.

Eli Rix

Motion Design student in the 3rd semester.

Johannes Ohm studies Communication Design in the 4th semester. Furthermore he works as Art Director for Home Work Entertainment.

Johannes Ohm

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Jan Moritz Mueller

Film & Motion Graphic Student based in Hamburg, Germany

Moritz Schmidt

Film & Motion Graphic Student based in Hamburg, Germany

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Katja Fischer

My name is Katja. I'm 21 years old and currently studying film and motion design in hamburg, germany.

Joey-Dean Woo-Ling

I'm Joey-Dean Woo-Ling, currently I am studying film and motion design at University of Art and Design in Hamburg, Germany.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Thamina Rastagar

Thamina is a freelance 3D Artist for Music & Audiovisual Mappings.

Tobias Schneider

Tobias is an 3D Artist specialized in photo realistic rendering. He loves creating surreal animations.


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