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_singapore 2019

Rebecca & Joan
Tricia & Jiaqi
Vanessa & Reynard
Amber & Louisa
Ruotong, Emilia, Ruobing
Su Xian & Weddwer
Eduardo & Nasya
Jo & Darren
Ben & Qayyum
Alvin & Aaron
Longfei Zhang

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Kamal Ayesha Fathima

Ayesha is an animation student who is passionate about films, visual storytelling and game design. She likes to dabble in CG modelling, stop motion, illustrations and any media which will enable her to make cute, endearing content!

A large part of Silk Road centers on navigation and exploration in the 19th century. We wanted to transform the facade of Elbphilharmonie into large scale mesmerizing and magical rotating gears of the lost compass. We used the interior architecture of the Elphi concert hall which was designed for acoustics to “resonate” through play of light and shadows in our animation art.

Total Eclipse of the Sand


Clarita expresses herself through illustration, interactive devices, and designing experiences. Through her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media, she hopes to better equip herself to pursue her interest in the world of performing arts.

Ying Zhi is a passionate game developer who draws, creates 3D worlds and brings things to life with code. He explores various media forms such as animation and interactive media, which when combined with games, allows for content with many possibilities.

Yeo Ying Zhi

Clarita Saslim


Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Cheng Si Min

A third year film student, Si Min dedicates her time to what she loves - content creation. With a communications and design background, she is passionate about creating content that is
both entertaining and beneficial to society.

Chloe Leong

Chloe is a third year film student in NTU, ADM. She is passionate about all things film from live action to animated pictures.

Growing up listening to ancient tales of flying dragons inspired us to transform Elphi facade into breathing living creature by combining elements of the ancient intelligent and powerful dragon and the magic of silk road together. Dragon was a source of guidance and resource for merchants during their journey on the silk road.

Desert Dragon


Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Natalie Ang Shi Hui

Natalie is an aspiring motion designer studying Visual Communications in NTU, ADM. Her interests include multiple forms of storytelling, from writing to graphic media.

Wee Yen

A second year student in NTU ADM majoring in visual communication. A passionate illustrator that is interested in telling stories close to her heart.

Inspired by the architecture of Elphie, our film explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of spaces. By repurposing and collaging Elphie's architecture, a new architectureal space, inspired by the oriental architecture of Silk Road, is created. Motifs from traditional chinese astronomical charts also surface to tell the story of a surreal, cosmic tunnel looking up at a starry universe.



Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Yan Ran

A third year student in the school of Art Design and Media majoring in Visual Communication.

Ong Jia Ying

A third year Visual Communication student in NTU School of Art, Design and Media.

Our concept is greatly influenced by the kind of terrain that was on the Silk Road. The main territories include desert, mountainous region and ocean. Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron architectural landmark fascinated us. We wanted to use exceptional buildings' typography and textures as a primary source to compose an abstract version of the Silk Road terrains.

Journey To The West


Yuen Jia Jun

JJ is a third year Visual Communication student in NTU, ADM. He is an aspiring visual artist who focuses on the details throughout his works.


Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Ellie Liu Yixuan

Ellie is a visual artist who studied at the school of art, design and media in NTU, Singapore. Her works explore the integration of traditional aesthetics with modern perspective and dynamics, as well as examining potential aspects of multimedia in visual communication.

SILK MOON seeks to rediscover the journey of ancient Silk Road with the guide of the moon and to retell the prosperity of Dunhuang from a modern perspective in today's context. In doing so, the artworks explored the eternal beauty created alongside the route.



Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Tan Chloe

Chloe is an aspiring interactive designer that seeks to produce practicality in interactive media. Her other interests include illustrating, graphic designing, coding and video editing. She hopes to venture into works that can encompass the various interests of hers.


Journey is a piece that allows viewers to follow through the journey taken by travelers of the Silk Road, and immerse themselves in the landscape that is placed before them.

Jacelyn_Ng_ Jia_Ling.jpg

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Jacelyn Ng

Jacelyn is an aspiring artist who mixes her crafts with code, combining the tangible and the unimaginable. Through her works, she hopes to capture the sublimity of our natural world.

蓝 (blue); showcases Koi fishes, a symbol of power, wealth and courage, gliding elegantly in a sea of milk, leaving faint traces in their wake. The Kois are adorned with the distinctive blue and white motifs of Chinese porcelain, signifying the influence of Chinese art and culture along the Silk Road in the 9th Century.


Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Jamie Lim

Jamie is a third year Design Art student in NTU’s School of Art, Design & Media. A visual & interactive artist, she aspires to come up with creative projects that explores new forms of multimedia works.

Inkverse is a piece composed with ink drops and a painting of a landscape scenery along Silk Road. The piece reflects China in a unique way - using a painting technique unique to China's Four Arts of the Chinese scholar - ink and wash painting. The bold strokes represents the tradings done along Silk Road and the ink drops represents the growth and movement of countries due to the presence of Silk Road. Both elements tie in together to form the landscape scenery.



Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Tan Ying Hui

Ying Hui is a Creative studying Design Art at the Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media. Inspired by textiles, culture and history, especially that of ancient China, she explores attractive methods to bridge time between the past and the present.

Strands of Time pays homage to the origins of Silk by bringing life back to an ancient embroidery piece. The artefact has stood the test of time, its beauty has been preserved yet we cannot help but wonder. How long will it last?

Strands of Time


Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Amadea Low

Amadea is an artist and creative designer that loves to play with colours and patterns. She enjoys all forms of art and media. She is formally trained in graphic design and proficient in: editorial and layout design. In her work, she aims to explore emotion and art.


Spaceriver portrays connectivity and communication. It is depicted by fluid motions and blue themes that emulate water and it brings your through a transforming journey of blues and wonder.

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