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_context and theme_

The project is collectively curated across two public venues: Elbphilharmonie Media wall and Media Art Nexus NTU Media wall. Both screens are non-commercial and are valued community assets that play a pivotal role in providing a platform for creativity and engagement. The artworks will be connecting two cities and their citizens through media localities that cannot be more radically different in both the architecture of the space as well as geographically, culturally, and historically. What ties both venues together is aim to create an inclusive, shared public art spaces where people meet, experience art, and get connected with each other. An intangible art process will connect places and people beyond geographical distances and political borders.


The content is divided into two themes:

for Media Art Nexus.


Passing by



for Elbphilharmonie Media Wall


_curatorial teams_

Project Lead (Germany)

Project Lead (Singapore)


Associate Professor
School of Art, Design and Media,
Nanyang Technological University
Creative Director Media Art Nexus NTU


ELMAN Project Initiator

Creative Director, Media Façade Designer, Founder of Urbanscreen


Thorsten Bauer is the creative director and co-founder of Urbanscreen, a creative company which specialises in large-scale projections on urban surfaces. The installations comprise high artistic standards and a consistent architectural background – bringing together specialists from architecture, music, stage design and media-art.

He was born in 1975, studied Musicology and Sociology in Hamburg and performed as a musician and video artist. He has been working on media concepts for the public sphere since 2004 when he established Urbanscreen. Thorsten was one of the coaches in The Challenge 2016/17.


Professor, Head of Program Film and Motion Design, University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department of Art & Design, Campus Hamburg



Giant Monster Pte Ltd, Creative Director Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore


Verena Kraemer is Professor for Motion Design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, department Art & Design. She studied audiovisual media in Paris, Nürnberg an St. Petersburg and has since worked as a freelance designer especially in the field of media installation. As a lecturer she taught motion graphics from 2002-2015 at the TH Georg-Simon-Ohm Nürnberg and VFX at the macromedia FH in Munich in 2012. Since 2014, she is the head of the degree program Film + Motion Design at the Campus Hamburg. Her short films have been screened at numerous international festivals such as ShortShorts Film Festival Tokyo, Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro, Medfilmfestival Rome, Imago Film Fest Fundao, International Short Film Festival Hamburg and Kasseler Dokfest. She is passionate about audiovisual, installative work in space. Her current projects include various site-specific media installations, which were experimentally developed with students.

Mark is an animator, artist, educator and entrepreneur who has developed systems and techniques for animation across various media. He has worked on more than numerous award winning major feature films and innovative interactive titles to his credit at animation studios such as LaserMedia Inc. Los Angeles, Philips Interactive Media, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Japan, Acclaim Entertainment New York, DreamWorks Feature Animation in Glendale, California and Rhythm and Hues Studios Los Angeles. An animation industry veteran and founding faculty at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media’s Digital Animation area, he is currently based in Singapore and Los Angeles. Mark is founder of Giant Monster Inc. consulting on public art installations, Ed Tech start-up, and other animation-based media.

_curatorial teams


This project aims to highlight the creative works by students from University of Applied Sciences Europe, Campus Hamburg, Department of Art & Design, and Nanyang Technological University Singapore, School of Art, Design and Media.  Motion Design class at the Campus Hamburg and Media Art Nexus class at the ADM NTU Singapore created content production for each of the media installations. Students created site-specific media content that thematically and spatially interacts with its surrounding and augments the venue by a digital layer. The understanding of media becomes a spatial phenomenon that creates and defines a public place. Spatial media interacts with the viewer on an immediate level and it enhances the rare narrative function by means of light and virtual spaces. The project goal is to engage the student in digital place making and  digital works which are contextualized in and for a site specific environment. 

This project will continue to exist between continents  and construct an unique educational framework for urban media art. The establishment of this co-curatorial partnership is a guarantee of reaching wider audiences for students on both sides. Therefore, all of the artists pushed for excellence in the quality of work produced. The prospects of co-curating across different institutions and extending creativity beyond geographical frontiers is exciting. Showcasing local and international students’ art from more than one location creates an opportunity for cultural exchange, community engagement and urban revival.


From left to right Julian Conrad, Elbphilharmonie Advertising / Events & Partnerships Team, Ina Conradi (Assoc Prof. ADM, NTU Singapore, curator for Media Art Nexus, Britta Voß, Elbphilharmonie Advertising / Partnerships Team, Thorsten Bauer , Curator and Project lead Elbphilharmonie Media Wall,  Verena Kraemer, Professor, Head of Program Film and Motion Design, Department of Art & Design, Campus Hamburg, 
30 May 2018



The Elbphilharmonie with its impressive glass facade and wave-like rooftop rises up from the former Kaispeicher building, Hamburg’s biggest warehouse on the water, built in 1875 located in the historic Sandtorhafen, ('City of Warehouses'), located in the port of Hamburg—within the HafenCity quarter which was Hamburg’s old working harbour for centuries. Destroyed in the Second World War, the warehouse was then rebuilt and renamed Kaispeicher. Around 12,000 people flock to HafenCity every day to see Hamburg's spectacular Elbphilharmonie, the view of the harbour and the Speicherstadt. At a height of 37 meters above ground level, the free entry public viewing area offers visitors a spectacular 360° view of the city and harbor. 

MAN Logo.png

In collaboration with NTU Museum, MAN is redefining the meaning of urban media art in the public realm of Singapore by providing conditions for students and emerging and established artists to present their works locally and internationally. Featuring more than 400 artworks this 15-meter long by 2-meter media wall plays 3,640 hours of original content per year. MAN was selected by the Singapore Tourism Board as one of 13 Singaporean and Japanese leading contemporary creatives for 2017 edition of Singapore Inside Out Tokyo. MAN has been networking with international research institutions, media labs, and cultural enterprises such as UCLA Art|Sci Lab, Deep Space Ars Electronica, Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, University New South Wales Art & Design, Sydney, The Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing (MEVIS), Bremen. MAN aim is to continue to connect NTU Singapore with leading artists and academic researchers from around the world.

Copy of DSC_7108.jpg

The University of Applied Sciences Europe - Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Psychology, Media and Communication, Sports Management, Art and Design. It came into existence in 2017 after the merge of BTK University of Art & Design and BiTS University of Business Leadership.

The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers 16 Bachelor’s and 8 Master’s degrees, as well as 3 dual Bachelor’s degrees and an online MBA program. The university is accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities and the programs are accredited by FIBAA and the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZevA).U-Multirank has recognized UA as a global leader in international orientation.
Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study mutually enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research tailored to the requirements of Job Market 4.0.  

First founded as an independent university in 2006, BTK is today the Faculty of Art & Design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and is known as a meeting point for young design and artistic talents and innovators of tomorrow. The BTK University of Applied Sciences for Design is accredited by Berlin’s senate and received its institutional accreditation in 2009 from the German Council of Science and Humanities. Furthermore, all BTK degree programs are accredited by Germany’s Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA). BTK provides an environment in which students and professors from all over the world are encouraged to develop new ideas and discover their full artistic potential. BTK has three locations in the creative centers Berlin, Hamburg, and Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia).The trading metropolis and port city of Hamburg is not only emblematic of inventiveness and a symbol of creative force, but it is also Germany’s most important city for media. Around 15,000 companies from the fields of advertising, publishing, print, radio, film, television, gaming, music, multimedia, and e-commerce call Hamburg their home.

BTK P1140410.JPG

Young and research-intensive, Nanyang Technological University Singapore is ranked 11th globally (QS World University Ranking 2018). It is also the world’s top young university. The university has colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences, and an Interdisciplinary Graduate School. It also has a medical school, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, set up jointly with Imperial College London. NTU is also home to world-class autonomous entities such as the National Institute of Education, S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Earth Observatory of Singapore, and Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering. NTU provides a high-quality global education to about 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university’s 4,300-strong faculty and research staff from 80 countries bring dynamic international perspectives and years of solid industry experience.

The College is presently a union of four Schools and two Centres. They are the School of Art, Design and Media; the School of Humanities; the School of Social Sciences; the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information; the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration; and the Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. We are currently home to some 5,000 students, faculty and staff. Together, we offer a full range of academic programmes and a rich array of co-curricular activities for our students.

NTU Museum campus_trail_729.jpg

The NTU Campus Art Trail is managed by the NTU Museum, which is listed in the National Heritage Board (Singapore)'s Approved Museum Scheme. It operates with no physical site but everywhere and anywhere, to install art on campus. There are more than 200 artworks by the NTU community, local and international artists, in the permanent and loan collections of the NTU Museum. NTU Art & Heritage Museum promotes a keen awareness and strong interest in art and heritage on campus. Being part of the university, the Museum has the advantage to work with schools from the various disciplines and the artist community, and initiates interdisciplinary research and collaborations in exhibitions and programmes. The Museum has an important educational role, and engages the NTU Community by providing opportunities for participation in special art projects.


002 ntu_adm_1.jpg

With Singapore being a cosmopolitan nation with Asian sensibilities, the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) seeks to play a weighty role in transforming the island state into a global media city. The NTU School of Art, Design and Media curriculum is developed around Interdisciplinary learning in Art, Design & Media and offers The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art (interactive media, product design and visual communication). The impressive structure features a fully stocked library with over 19000 titles, an auditorium that seats 450, over 50 labs, media studios, editing suites and a student run café for some after class rest and recreation. Since 2005 ADM’s international faculty is a collective of talented, dedicated arts, design and media practitioners who have been picked for their extensive backgrounds in their fields of expertise.

MAN Logo.png

Nanyang Technological University Singapore Institutional Support :

Teh Eng Eng Faith
Director NTU Museum

School of Art, Design and Media:


Peer M. Sathikh
Associate Professor, Associate Chair (Academic)

Muhammad Mustajab Bin Mohamad

Senior Executive, Publicity and Outreach

Lim Pheng Yew

Head, Administration

Lau Kheng Hock

Senior Assistant Manager, Technology & Design

Kumar Chockanathan

Senior Executive, Technology & Design

Poh Zhuang Yu

Assistant Manager, Media

Event Design Branding :

Ivan Yew

Animation/Video Teaser

Tan Kwang Boon (KB)

Web Design /Branding Collaterals

Quek Jia Liang, Longfei Zhang, Alvin Ling

Photography & Videography

Dan Ng and Longfei Zhang

Portraits Photographers

Tate Egon Chavez

Animation/Video Teaser Music

Artboard 2.png

Elbphilharmonie Institutional Support:


Julian Conrad

     Britta Voss
Advertising Events & Partnerships


University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department of Art & Design

Institutional Support:


Hilka Jeworrek

Editor in Chief - Online

Content and Social Media Manager


Niclas Spranger
Social Media Assistant


Alf Schütt, Ingolf Rech, Rene Scharton



Olivia Lehmann, Alex Harbich, Marleen Hahn



Robin Aldag

Portraits Photographer
Camera Operator & Video Editor

supporting institutions

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