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Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Michael Medovyy

Born in Russia, a big movie fan and learning 3D Artist.
I used to work in Architecture but moving Pictures where always a part of my life and took me over a few years back.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Linus Eckel

I am a Film & Motion Design student based in Hamburg. As much as I like photography and film I am motivated to develop myself in 3D and work on interdisciplinary projects.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Niklas Berger

Hi, 23 years old, late riser, filmmaker, . . .
I like making movies, 3d and 2d animations are nice, but they're not as real as the world behind the door. 

Luca Nieweler

21 year-old Film & Motion Design student based in Hamburg, Germany. Currently in the 4th semester and mainly interested in 2D and camera stuff.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Dominik Bade

Dominik is a passionate designer that likes to work in a wide variety of projects.
His key abilities lie in motion design and 3D works. 

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Ties Kozok

I'm Ties Koyok, a Film- and Motiondesign student corrently living in Hamburg. I started as a Freelancer working for different agencies in Hamburg and Berlin and i'm currently working as a Motiondesigner for Spiegel Online Snapchat.

I´m Yiqi Yang, study Film and Motion Design in the university of applied sciences Europe. My interest is film and drama. After graduation I will work in film production industry. Wish me luck. 

Yiqi Yang

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Leon Herres

Film and Motion Design student in the 4th semester based in Hamburg. Interested in new forms of media and experimental design.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Zuzanna Poloczek

Zuzanna is a film and motion design student from Hamburg, Germany. Her passion is rotoscoping but she is always up for some new challenges.

Ties Kozok


Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Lia Wortelker

I'm a Film and Motion Design student from Hamburg, currently in the 4th semester. 

Michelle Sitko

Film and Motion Design student from Hamburg, currently in the 4th semester. 

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Daria Fernández Dagach

Previously Studing Animation, Currently Film and Motion-Design

Javier Ivan Martin Martelli

Film & Motion Design student.

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