Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Rebecca Yang

Final year undergraduate majoring in Photography and Digital Imaging, studying in Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design and Media. Loves working with people and looking at things through a lens.

Joan Li

Final year Interactive Media undergraduate in NTU, Singapore. Loves exploring new stuff and capturing moments.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Wang Ruotong

Motion graphic artist, video editor, music video producer

Ruobing Yu

Canadian exchange student from the University of Waterloo, in my third year studying Global Business and Digital Arts. I love laughing, listening to music, and drinking water!!!

Exchange student from Canada who is enjoying the heat in Singapore. I enjoy photography and doodling!

Emilia Lilek

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Yeow Su Xian

Su Xian (Shu) is a second year Design Art Major in NTU School of Art, Design and Media. She dabbles in motion graphics, still designs and interactive works that ring her fancy – namely explorations of catharsis and phenomena. Her aspiration is to produce her own empire of mind through a multitude of forms in physical and digital media.

Jan Weddewer

Jan is an animator and motion graphics designer from Germany, currently studying Audiovisual Media in Stuttgart and Singapore. He is openminded and willing to support charitable projects. His Stop Motion film, 'Mr Gecko' won the gold award in the 'Safety Starts With Me' Competition 2018 in Singapore. He is always on the lookout for creative projects to get involved in.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Eduardo Motta

A second year Double Major Graphic Design and Media Studies student at the University of Buffalo in New York, currently on exchange in NTU School of Arts, Design and Media.

Nasya Goh

A second year Interactive Media student in NTU School of Art, Design and Media.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Chio Jo Inng

Final year Visual Communications undergraduate in the school of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. I enjoy illustrations, comics and motion graphics.

Darren Ho Jian Hunt

Majoring in Visual Communication. Graduated from Poly with a diploma in Digital Visual Effects. Enjoys photography/videography.

A small passion for Dance.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Ling Jin Jie Alvin

Alvin Ling is an undergraduate at NTU's School of Art, Design and Media currently majoring in filmmaking. Always having a strong passion for telling stories, his ideas stem from his everyday experiences and he aims to translate them through his films.

Sacil Aaron James Carpio

Aaron James is a Year 2 Design Art Major in NTU School of Art, Design and Media. A visual artist, he practices typography and photography. When he is not creating, he usually enjoys the occasional beancurd.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Tricia Tan

Second year Animation student that is currently studying in ADM and has a diploma in Game Art and design.

Yao Jiaqi

Year 2 student major in Digital Animation in NTU Art, Design & Media School. Owns a diploma in Interactive Media. Love storytelling and doodle.

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Vanessa Christie Goh

A final year undergraduate in the school of Art Design and Media majoring in Visual Communications. Always looking for new, creative solutions to inspire, or just bring a smile.

Reynard Adrianto

Digital media artist and Visual Communication student in School of Art Design and Media. Always searching for new medium to push the boundaries of motion graphics

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Chan Min Hui Amber

A second year 3D animation student, with a strong interest in game design and illustration.

Lek Hui Gek Louisa

A second year visual communications student

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Soh Jun Jie Benjamin

25 year old Product Design Undergraduate in the 3rd year of the course. Diploma holder in Landscape Architecture.

Abdul Qayyum Bin Sarip

28 years old Visual Communications Undergraduate in Year 3. Old but Gold. Loves taking photos / videos for freelancing projects and playing volleyball!

Diamanda Alatorre Hernandez

Longfei Zhang

A freelance motion designer and self-taught photographer who is currently studying Viusal Communication in NTU


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