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Over 13 weeks, students developed theoretical and technical knowledge about creating media art for urban screens. The main goal was to empower students to create art by giving them a public platform to display it. Granting students the opportunity to have their work viewed by thousands of people is the core activity for them to learn. Thus, they had the opportunities to understand how media art affects and transforms public spaces.

The classes in Germany and Singapore provided students with guidance on conceptual and aesthetic aspects of the artworks, while the technical skill development is student-led. The work process can be seen on the 2019 ADM OSS Blackboard log,  2018 ADM OSS Blackboard log, and 2018 ADM Blog on UA BTK design students' works 


Interviews with faculty and students from Art & Design | University of Europe for Applied Sciences | BTK

Interviews with faculty and students from School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University

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